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Los Angeles Home Theater Installation

At Technospeak, our most frequently requested service is the design and installation of a custom Home Theater.  There are many steps and pieces of equipment involved in creating a Home Theater.  This leaves room for mistaken purchases if done on your own that can lead to feelings of frustation and discouragement.  That’s where the Technospeak process really shines.  With any of our new Home Theater Customers, we do the following to ensure a great Home Theater experience:

  • We create a “Technology Plan” for our customers, thereby maximizing the useful life of their electronic components
  • We constantly research new developments in electronic gear, making us experts in a broad range of Electronic Categories
  • We recommend brands we feel offer the best Price-to-Value ratio, but we are open to working with any brand a customer is passionate about
  • We focus on creating a strong relationship with our customers

Want to know more about our products and services? Click on the call button below and find out how we can help you make your Home Theater experience a great one.

Not quick enough for you?  Check out our fixed-price specials and get your Los Angeles Home Theater Project happening now:

  • Installed Universal Remote – $699.99. Allows for 1-touch control of Audio/Video gear while they are tucked away in a cabinet or even another room!  Includes:
    • Universal Remote with RF Capabilty
    • RF/IR Base-station for “behind closed doors” control
    • Remote and Base-station will be completely programmed and ready to use
  • Installed Whole House Wifi Solution – $1,399.99. This is cure for your iPad Wifi dropouts!  With only 1 wireless transmitter, Ipad will see a consistent wireless signal throughout your home! Includes:
    • 1x Wired Router with Dual WAN ports
    • 1x Whole House Access Point (either flush mount or surface mount)
    • Installed cabling between Access Point and Router
    • Configuration of up to 6 devices on the network
  • Flat panel TV Installation – $899.99.  Get any TV installed up to 55″!  Includes:
    •  1x Installed Electrical outlet behind TV (it is illegal to pull TV power cord through wall)
    • 1x Tilt mount with post installation panning for fine tuning your TV level
    • Cabling for up to 2 HD Audio/Video Sources , Network Connection for Smart TVs and Installation of any Peripherals such as a Wii Bar
Let us help you design your dream home theater. We serve clients in all areas of Los Angeles County and Orange County and we look forward to working with you soon. (855) 832-4775